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          Last updated March 10, 2006
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          Shante Zhuhai Electronics Co., Ltd., a Canada and China co-invested company, is dedicated to the research, production, and sale of a variety of UPS, inverter and batteries since established in 1999. Our UPS ranges from offline, line interactive to online types with all specifications to meet different requirement of customers from domestic market and world. And our products are far exported to Asia, Europe, South America, enjoying a sound reputation for reliable quality and competitive price.
          With a professional team consisting of processors, senior engineers, our company is headquartered in Beiyue Industrial Garden as well as Canada. In line with our concept of Customer-oriented, Continuous Innovation, we constantly develop new product to meet the challenge of market.
          We have already gained ISO 9001, CE, China National UPS Manufacturing License, CCEE safety certificate and the Licenses to China Telecom Network Access as well as Military Equipment Access License. Our products meet key international standards, including FCC and IEEE.
          Contact us today for more detail.
          ATA registration mark
          ISO certificate
          CE certificate
          CE certificate
          Contact Details


          Shante Zhuhai Electronics Co., Ltd.
          Tel: +86-757-86369105,
          Add: 2nd Floor, H Building, Beiyue Industrial Zone, Guicheng Nanhai, Foshan City, GD China
          Postal code: 528000
          Key Contact:


          General Manager

          E-mail: james@maxiups.com




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